Revive: The National Eucharistic Revival Podcast

How's Your Prayer Life? with Father Josh Johnson

April 01, 2024 OSV Podcasts
Revive: The National Eucharistic Revival Podcast
How's Your Prayer Life? with Father Josh Johnson
Show Notes

"I do believe that there is a special outpouring upon the land of the United States of America that is going to happen where we will be filled with God and his grace, and we're going to go out into the secular world…and we're going to share the joy of the Gospel with them and invite them to come and see the Lord.’"  - Father Josh Johnson, Diocese of Baton Rouge

In this episode, Tim and Father Josh Johnson discuss how a friend’s persistent invitation ultimately led Father Josh to a radical encounter of Jesus in the Eucharist. From there, Father continued falling more and more in love with Jesus, and he kept responding “yes” – even if it meant bailing on dates with his girlfriend. His witness is a great example that there is no such thing as wasted time when we prioritize our prayer lives. 

Father Josh is a pastor who truly desires to lead by example. As a listener, you can’t visually see him exploding with excitement and love for the Lord as he shares with us, but we trust that you’ll be able to hear it as you tune in. As one of the three emcees for the 10th National Eucharistic Congress, however, you’ll be able to witness his joy firsthand soon enough!

“I always ask people whenever they wanna talk about revival or renewal… ‘Well, tell me about your prayer life. Let's just start there…’” - Father Josh

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